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Over The Edge!!!!

Yet again, Stan’s party gets better and better. Tim and Zoe had a chalet with their mates. I set up our tent in the midst of many Towrags! Neil was booked on a later ferry. Think we got to bed about 5 Saturday morning.
Saturday, Neil and I did Blackgang Chine. Have’t been there since Li was very young. We had a craic. Managed to do the roller coaster and the water rides. Almost got busted in the Fairy Castle, but that’s another story! The slides were a laugh. We just pee’d about the whole day.
Went back for a bit of a kip. Got dressed up for the evenings shenanigans. Managed to get kicked out of the beer tent around five, I guess. There was only four of us left!
Sunday, we ate at the White Mouse Inn. All the others went off to Blackgang Chine. We went to Alum Bay, coz Neil’s never been there before. Last time I was there, we had to walk down crumbled stair cases. This time, we got cable cars. Did the boat trip to the needles and lighthouse. Chillaxed! Rode back, stopping to see the statue of Jimmy Hendrix outside a museum. Popped up to the chalet and had food delivered. Went back for a little kip and got up, determined to have an easy night of it. Once again, managed to hang on until the staff were desperate to go to bed!
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Merry Samhain!!

Got a lot to celebrate this turning of the year. Was made bankrupt on Monday!!!! Feels so good, though it’s all still sinking in.
Little’un went off on her own by train this morning to do the girlie shopping bit with a mate of hers. Never though that would happen for a while. Weird, I was running all over the London underground system at 13 on me own when I was meant to be in school. Different world these days, it seems. Proud of her for doining it though! Got far too many sweets in for the kids, so might actually have some left over for myself for a change! The sun is out and I feel really energised with no chemical help at all. Neil’s coming straight from work. Every thing looks so good right now.
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TFI Friday! Proper pain in the boob!!!!

What a week! Finished the final draft of my bankruptcy forms yesterday. Wednesday, got my name on the list for having me boobs squashed and scanned – been having problems with one for a couple of months now,  and Neil’s not to blame! Got little’un in later today for emergency GP referral. Got to her school locker yesterday and ran back here. Today, don’t think she got that far. Came back nearly hysterical. Think I’ll have to put the looking-for-a-real-job search off a bit longer, again!
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Gert Bustards Rally

Guess where we were the weekend? Go no photo though. Lost me camera in the tent!
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RIP, Wardy, mate

Wardy, not long passed his bike test, swimming once a week, played football regularly, young, died of a heart attack at the weekend. Only heard this morning. Neil had to call the boys into the tea room to tell them. Been an odd day all around.
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